Our Mission

Softrock Geological Services, Inc. is committed to professional geology-based wellsite service, at the highest possible level, to provide energy companies with concise, accurate, thorough, and user friendly geo-interpretive logs that not only represent subsurface geology, but also incorporate borehole and production engineering data needs. Our ultimate goal is top-tier assistance in the drilling and reporting of data for efficient, successful, economical wells. Softrock fosters and practices safety leadership, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices built on a culture of trust, respect, integrity, and above all…complete faith in the scientific method.


HSE Statement

Softrock maintains high standards for environmental, health, and safety compliance in all operations. Softrock’s impeccable safety record can be verified by our membership to PEC Safety.


About the Geologists

Softrock Geological Services, Inc. was founded and created by field & wellsite geologists who were tired of mudlogging companies that viewed their business as simple data gathering. The founding geologists’ vision was to transform mudlogging from strip logs of raw data into the most comprehensive picture of oil & gas wells that are usable for every person involved in the drilling process from planning to geology to engineering to production phases. They felt that early mudlogs were cryptic and clunky, at best. So began the evolution of Softrock’s wellsite geologic service to what it is today and will continually evolve and improve to in the future through client relations, expanding project resumé, education, and mentoring to up-and-coming geologists.

All of Softrock’s personnel have at least a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geology from prestigious universities and colleges around the country. All of our clients would agree that, in particular, we are San Juan Basin experts. That said, our geologists have extensive wellsite geologic experience over a vast geographic range, with a focused specialization on Rocky Mountain basins.

Reporting gas and cuttings data is easy enough, but it requires skilled geologists who understand geochemistry, depositional environments, detailed petrography and mineralogy, subsurface structure, drilling physics, energy economics, data processing, wireline log interpretation, and offset well correlation to communicate the pertinent information at the appropriate times with dialog and customized log formatting. Our logs speak for themselves…click here to see a few and judge for yourself.

Balanced Approach to Growth

Softrock is and always has been a small company with a tight knit group of sharp geologists. We believe our model of wellsite geology reported through the use of mudlogging services is a cost effective way for operators to get the cuttings and gas analysis they need with the addition of having built-in geologists at their drillsite for solid interpretation and real-time, onsite geosteering. We insist upon a very high level of service with an ultimately far superior product as a well is drilled, at TD, and long after the last foot is cut. Also as a planning or correlation tool for future drilling. We have come to recognize that this top-tier service can not expand and contract at the same rate as commodity prices and rig counts. We prefer to stay small and commit to clients who are dedicated to having pedigreed scientists at their wellsite, not folks who are stepping foot onto a drilling rig for the first time. We have the equipment and capability to grow, but that requires strict vetting of geologists new to our team that must achieve our high standards. If you are looking for veterans of the oil & gas industry you have found your wellsite geologists.Key 44 Jicarilla