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Horizontal & Vertical Mudlogging

At the core of Softrock’s service and output product is the time honored mudlog; a tool used by geologists for over a hundred years. With advancements in wellsite instrumentation, computer processing, and incorporation of wireline and/or MWD data, mudlogs have become a staple tool of massive utility for not only geologists but also drilling & reservoir engineers, and production crews alike. Our role does not end simply because a well has reached TD. We believe that a client should have a log that is primarily a representation of downhole geology, but continues on to be a comprehensive display of all facets of drilling a hydrocarbon well. If perforations, frac string hardware, or production data is useful to a client, we will continually add to our mudlogs for months or years after a well is drilled for the benefit of one-stop referencing material. 162202624_640

Softrock Geologists painstakingly sift through noisy data to solidify that the curves and information on our logs represents downhole lithology and what formation is telling us. Often, mudlogging companies over-report data that can be falsely interpreted as drill breaks or gas shows when the anomalous information can be easily explained by rig function or simple physics. We craft our logs to comprehensively display what you can expect in the production phase of a well. If you see gas on our log, it is from formation and should be looked at closely. We prefer to report connection, down time, or trip gases in text format only when the data tells us something about the geology or pertinent hole conditions. Obviously, not all rig function can be removed from data sources, but when something at the surface affects our data reporting, it is annotated in language that anyone can understand.


We believe in targeting the best possible zone and keeping your wellbore in the pay. Nothing is more important than INFORMATION!


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Our expertise shows in our interpretive stratigraphy column on vertical logs and in accurate cross section plots with appropriate formation dip and structure on horizontal logs. Our cuttings descriptions are written in plain English so they can convey information about the rocks in a manner that everyone associated with the well can understand. We don’t just describe the cuttings with dry formulaic verbiage, but continue to extensively talk about reservoir quality, brittleness, porosity, and any permeability that can be interpreted. We try to highlight features of drilling an economic well that matter to geologists, reservoir engineers, geophysicists, completion engineers, drilling engineers, wellsite company consultants, and ultimately can be shown to upper management and resource allocation teams so that performance can be documented and presented in an informative, comprehensive, and user friendly fashion. Our logs speak for themselves. Take a look at our example logs and then search a few other mudlogging companies to compare.