What makes Softrock unique?  Here is what our customers have to say:


“First off…Thank you! Thank you for a job well done each and every time. Thank you for the attention to detail and for catching my mistakes. And thank you for doing all the extra things asked of you. Over the years, our office has become strictly a Softrock shop. This has not happened by accident or by convenience, but rather a conscious choice. We have had ample opportunity to compare companies – the people, the services, and the results. Softrock consistently has had higher quality people and higher expectations of the product provided back to our company. When we hand off a well package to any one of you, we have no concerns about how that project will be completed. And the extra things we ask of you that generally are not part of mud logging services…….they have helped us to control costs while working through a program that continues to return money to our company and to help justify continuing that program.

When I talk with my peers in other areas, they are always impressed by how much we can count on your group to perform. And I am always surprised by how low their expectations are of the people they are using. I think this has worked out well for both of our companies. You have done all this and stayed safe and returned home to your loved ones. And a special thank you to the spouses & significant others that have had to put up with the odd hours and time away from home. I know it is not an easy task to work with the schedule required of these folks, but I thank you for sharing them with us and be proud of the job they have done while away from home.”
– ConocoPhillips SJBU Geologist

“We are excited to get Softrock back in mix and look forward to a long-term relationship.”
– Energen Resources SJ Geologist

“Thanks a million. You have done a great job for us and I will not forget it. I hope to see you on the next one.”
– Hunt Oil Geologist

“We are currently using Softrock for all of our geo-steering on all of our horizontal wells. They are much more than just a “mud logging” company.  If you’re wanting to get a better understanding on what you’re looking at geologically down hole, these guys are the go to.  They have a great understanding of the rocks (often they are helping our own geologists gain better insight).  They have always been straight with me (no foo-foo) and do well with balancing geological wants with practicality.   They have been a huge part of our horizontal successes the past couple of years, and I will continue to go to them for all my geo-steering needs. ”
– ConocoPhillips L48 Engineer

“I’ll keep this short since it’s the weekend and threatening to be a very nice day but I wanted to say thanks to you and all your folks for the work you guys put in on this program. This well was a bear and it was great to see it end on a good note. I appreciate the toil and persistence. I’ll try and keep you updated on what I hear from the completion people as these things get hooked up and tested. Keep in touch and thanks again, I have greatly appreciated the peace of mind knowing that Softrock has been out there looking after things.

The plan forward was to give this program a breather to see how it behaves but my suspicions are that if it proves good and it starts getting the attention of managers, that may go out the window and move some of these forward earlier in the next year. I don’t think you need it at all given the amount of business you already do with the operators in this basin (and if any of them doubt your people’s skills and services, you may want to think twice about doing business with them anyway) but should you ever find yourself in need of a recommendation, I’d be more than happy to share the positive experiences I’ve had working with you guys over the last couple of years.

You and the gang always did right by me and I can pretty easily offer my experiences with the wells we worked on together. Thanks again and take care.”
– ConocoPhillips AK/Canada Geologist

“I do not know who y’all are using in the D-J Basin for mudlogging the Kn, but I would highly recommend Softrock. One of the owners (who also does wellsite), mentioned that he has people who have worked the front range, and know it well. Having their level of geologic knowledge and experience at the wellsite is a tremendous advantage to us, and has been a real benefit which effects our bottom line. We exclusively use Softrock, and they have extensive knowledge dealing with our shallow and deep vertical programs, our horizontal coal program, and the current Mancos program.”
– ConocoPhillips SJBU Geologist

“Mudlogging at it’s best!!! Thank you for helping to make this well successful. It is greatly appreciated and I hope to work with Softrock again”
– Bridgecreek VP North American Operations


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